When order and balance in nature is upset, dramatic change occurs. Business mirrors this – until alignment is restored.

The seeds for transformational success are sown very early in the change process.

Assured is here for the courageous leaders, those who challenge the status quo and ask 'what is possible'? We can answer the questions about how to execute, how to inspire, and how to stop best practice from stifling innovation. And we'll work with you not do it for you.

Who do we work with? Why believe in Assured? Why get excited?
Who do we work with?

We work with those who are, and aspire to be, courageous leaders. Those that believe that the customers' perspective should pervade everything.

We work with you to embed services thinking into your organisation, making it replicable and lasting. Together, we forge a common sense that will enable you to address opportunities and challenges with confidence and certainty.

We have a proven track record. Focusing on how to think, instead of what to think. We're passionate about translating insight into action and serving your customers.

Why believe in Assured?

Assured takes an outside-in, eco-system view of your world. Framing your desired outcomes against your purpose. Focusing on what the ideal outcome looks like.

Diagram illustrating customer centric organisation alignment

Value chains consist of structures, processes, people and interactions. Our approach addresses a cultural, behavioral, attitudinal shift in thinking – flushing out 'elephants in the room' in order to effectively align this value chain – embedding a line of sight 'end-to-end'.

New thinking is accelerated in a way that brings strategic clarity – a systematic approach to deliver systemic change.

Why get excited?

It's no good having a line of sight if it's not from your customers' point of view.

It's the insight of standing in your customers' shoes that gives the clarity to align your outcomes with actions. We've listened to clients tell us that they've become bogged down in the everyday, that they've lost sight of their customer, that something needs to change. We'll help you drain the swamp and step out of "being busy being busy". Together we will identify who you serve, what you do for them, and why. What is profitable and unprofitable activity. Where to best direct resource, and how best to serve your customers.


An alliance of people and purpose form a powerful and guiding coalition.

Assured works alongside leaders to unite their people, connecting strategy to operations, eliminating organisational drag and meeting the needs of those you serve.

Success is the right service provided to the right customer for the right reason by the right service provider at the least cost. Underpinned by a consistent, simple view of the customer.

What is required? What is right things right? View Video How do we manage change?
What is required?

We focus on your desired future state, addressing rationale and resonance.

A change in thinking can only be driven by granting permission to do so. We work with you to identify your new operating model and build a coalition by uniting, coaching and facilitating your leadership teams to engage, contextualise and visualise your desired future state.

Together we build a visual roadmap that objectively captures your journey – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We don't pretend to know your business better than you – that's why the roadmap is developed through workshops with you and tested again and again for resonance. A visual roadmap is your strategy on one page. It brings focused attention to the attributes you want to define your future. It allows all involved to see their role and identify the steps to your end goal.

What is right things right?

Capturing and interrogating the right data builds an holistic end-to-end view of your service. This view enables you to ask and answer the right questions, to build scenarios that test and inform your decisions and unlock value.

We encourage you to experiment, to apply the new thinking – after all, "unlearning convention is best achieved normatively, by doing" John Seddon, Vanguard Inc.

Why settle on doing the wrong thing when you could do the right thing?

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How do we manage change?

We deliberately 'chunk' work into 90 day blocks so that prizes can be banked along the way, encouraging your team to keep standing in the future state and avoiding change fatigue.

Typically this makes our engagements self-funding – when we look at the holistic view, there is usually an immediate opportunity waiting to be realised. It just takes a little focus and outside-in thinking to bring it to life. Each of the prizes on the way take you one step closer to the ultimate prize – realising your future state vision.

Prizes are reflected in both tangible and intangible outcomes but also new organisational capability – the ability to be "free" (agile, responsive, serve and unlock potential).


The tools of change accelerate the journey.

We provide organisations with an ever-evolving set of tools. With two decades of experience, these tools are tailored to our clients' needs, designed to manage risk and support the transformational journey to their desired future state.

How is the thinking embedded? View Video What about capturing hearts and minds?
How is the thinking embedded?

We can provide you with the framework, operating model and tools to organise, execute and sustain – in effect, operationalising your desired future state.

When we leave your organisation, we want it to be customer driven, with people, processes and enabling technology aligned. Whether you serve external or internal customers, we will work with you to ensure you have control over the newly configured services approach.

We lock in long term sustainability of the new approach through a control and sustainability function which uses reporting tools to track and monitor KPIs, targets and scorecards across your organisation. This ensures full visibility of the day-to-day service performance for the entire organisation, that the benefits gained are embedded and on-going and that leaders can continue to ask the right questions and make fact-based decisions.

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What about capturing hearts and minds?

We appreciate that change can be hard. We also believe that common sense doesn't date. We work with our clients to encourage change based on common sense.

In witnessing the realities of change first hand on a daily basis, we've grown to admire the courage that leaders exhibit when they overcome resistance to sustained improvement.

Our role is to make sure that your guiding coalition remains objective about the transformation journey and that unforeseen issues are anticipated and addressed before they slow momentum.

We encourage you to use our change assessment tool – based on Professor John Kotter's thinking – to consider your changes in thinking and whether you are addressing Kotter's eight fundamental forces that resist change.

View our change assessment tool


If you think you're ready for change – connect with us.

We are just like you – we know what it is to want the best for your organisation, your team and your customers.

We're passionate about bringing services thinking to life, delivering delighted customers and breakthrough financials. We value the trusted, collaborative relationships that we build with our clients. We have enjoyed working in many countries, with both internally and externally facing clients.

We would love to talk to you.

Contact us by phone on: +64 9 357 6651
Or email: projects@assured.com

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